Our daily aim is to safeguard and emphasize the ancient art of making pasta through the enthusiasm and the passion and the great experience inherited by our pasta masters.

The pasta factory Faella has its head quarter in “piazza Marconi ( or well known S. Leone)”,in Gragnano “the capital of pasta” since more than one century. The production of our pasta is made with the best mixture of semolina, slow dough , bronze plate drawing and drying at low temperatures, this procedure gives to the product good consistence and unquestionable taste.

We have availability of a vast range of formats, produced with the bronze plate drawing or with Teflon, and also of several kind of packaging, such as the special “china” paper bag , available for the long pasta (cm 53) too.

Marchio IGP Comunità Europea Today 's  I.G.P.  of the European Community is well-deserved recognition of an artisan product that binds to the territory of Gragnano, that traditionally for centuries has made Pasta, his pride and his emblem in the World.
The I.G.P. definitively ensures consumers about the origin of the Pasta from the place of production, and character of its workmanship and consistent quality, putting them protected also   from the varied and frequent attempts at imitation.

Il pastificio Faella



Macchina per la trafilatura al bronzo
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Mario Faella

Macchina per la trafilatura al bronzo
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